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Out of sheer frustration, the concept of Livestock Lures was born.


Pushing yard-weary sheep under a dark woolshed with a team of dogs and toddlers

to beat rain at shearing time is a frantic and frustrating situation. Instead of using

mirrors, a life sized picture of a sheep was produced. We were amazed at how the

simple yet effective concept worked and improved animal flow under, in and around

the woolshed. After developing our idea into a productive product, we applied to have our technology patented worldwide for all herding animals. We aim to continue developing our idea to suit a diverse range of agricultural situations in the near future.


The benefits we have found and applications we have observed are widespread in the livestock industry. They have been used in catching pens, at the end point of drenching and drafting races, b-doubles, stock trucks and trailers. They do not eliminate the need for dogs but if the animal is given time to look at the lure, they will move towards it and with sheep being naturally herding animals, the rest will follow.    


Livestock Lures are a very cheap, effective and low stress tool for moving all herding animals in foreign environments. Such environments are not limited to what we have already trialled but would also include livestock selling yards, abattoir killing pens and live export ships.

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St Hilary

St Hilary 



Livestock Lures

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